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Some times you find something that you did that makes you smile.
Years ago I was involved in a GURPS campaign involving an above average points spread, so I decided to make a "psuedo" super-hero based on the "Uglies" universe of Scott Westerfeld. The character worked well and seemed to have a life of her own, which is exactly what you want when gaming and trying to stay in character. Here's the Bio of the character. It helped me to play her and it helped the GM understand quite why "Jenny Bladestar" was not the easiest person to work with...
Jenny is mad. Angry mad. You get that when someone destroys your world and you are young and angry and you secretly suspect it's ALL YOUR FAULT.
Jenny is Special. Thats Special with a capital S. That means something to people on that world she used to live in. Specials were special. Human augmented with extensive bio-surgery and nanotech. She's strong, fast and tough. Jenny is a Cutter. They were the elite Specials. All in their late teens. She's also always this close to losing the plot. They made her that way. She looks like somebody crossed an angry teenager with a wolf. They made her that way too. She has claws. They pop out when she's angry or bored or horny. This does not make for good interpoersonal relationships.
Jenny watched her world dissolve. The people who made her and the other Cutters made her too well. The other cities objected. Her city let the Cutters "Sort things out". Not a good idea for a large gang of people who are always this close to losing the plot. Things were burned. Things blew up and then, finally things escaped. Nano things. Grey Goo things. Things that ate the world. Jenny ran away and was hiding in the ruined wasteland of her hometown while the Grey Goo encroached. At the last moment some people appeared and saved her. She watched her world die. This does not help her being always this close to losing the plot.
Jenny misses her hoverboard and her spikesuit. Jenny misses her friends. This makes her Angry mad.
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