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We've been married for 15 years. We got married on our third year anniversary to that make it our 18th year anniversary as well :-)

Still going strong :-) 
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Women Listening To Men In Western Art History 


I'm gonna enjoy the next time I got to the Art Gallery playing this game.
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Hey, anyone still reading this who would be interested in chatting about comics via e-mail?
Webcomics, Digital comics, Old fashioned paper comics, the funnies pages.

E-mail me cheshire AT iinet DOT net DO au and tell me what comics you are interested in or comment here. 
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"Prime Minister Penny Wong". 

Make it happen my minions!
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They're clearly missing out on the full "Peter Jackson Experience". I will have to fix that...

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"Lamington" starts with L and is sweet.

Just putting it out there, y'know 
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If anyone is collecting these I am missing the following:
3, 21, 51, 77, 101, 120

I bet Jamie regrets not doing his homework before putting his name to these. It's a pity cos the stickers are actually quite fun with an interesting range of effects.

(Edit to update: Looks like I'm down to card 120 :-)

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From this Ars Technica article:
"Part of the reason behind this kind of psychotic behavior is that there are currently only two meaningful ways to interact with other players: you can blink your ship’s lights at them, and you can murder them."

I don't trust you Mr Braben. I remember Frontier.

 if you DO want to play Elite, try OOLITE )

The Room

Jun. 19th, 2014 10:58 am
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 I purchased this ages ago on a Humble Bundle and hadn't played it until now. Awesome game but now I'm worried about getting a visit from the Cenobites.

"We have such sights to show you"

(PS: Dreamwidth/Livejournal is the new Facebook)
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When my tablet shuts down it simulates the way REALLY old tellies would do the frame collapse, first horizontal then vertical.
It's awesome! 
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Since I rooted my S4 phone I've been unable to upgrade to KitKat goodness, so I thought I'd go and grab a custom ROM. 

You know what would be nice? An actual "Step by Step" guide (As everyone needs to start somewhere with this stuff)

You know what the closest I could find was?

Installation instructions
-Full wipe
-Flash ROM
*Give the kernel a day or two to settle

W00t! That's USEFUL. (Clearly my Google-Fu is weak today)

Well we'll stick THAT on the back burner for another day :-/

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It's Awesome...

The End

(OK so it's also available on GOG RIGHT NOW for as low as TWO BUCKS if you time it right)

(OK so it's a Gauntlet-alike. It's pretty damned awesome one player tho) 
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Is it me, or are these disappointing these days? I remember there being a constant feed of Sci Fi and Fantasy books when I was a kid. Now it's almost entirely media tie-ins and gimmick books with overpriced gadgets attached.


RPG Music

Mar. 21st, 2014 06:16 pm
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 OK Peeps. I'm getting ready to do some cyberpunk roleplaying again, so I need retrofuturistic "Goth-Punk-Industrial" tunes to play in the background. Pref Youtube liks if possible. Linky please?
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So I like to trawl thru DealExtreme for interesting doodads. The translation on one particular gadget was so spectacularly bad that I had to comment on it. This has led to what can only be described as performance art
The original text, preserved )
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 Tin Duck nominations are now open and I'd like to put forward for nomination in the  Best Fan Artwork category, my production of the award trophies for last years Tin Ducks.
Tin Duck!
To do so, simply e-mail awards-2014 (at)

Your email should include your name, plus the category and title for each nomination.

Feel free to add additional works from other people you think are deserving in the comments...

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The Big V squealed almost to inaudible when mum handed him the first book from [personal profile] lilysea :-)
Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!

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 Hey folks, 
I want to raise more money for NAFF so I am purging my gaming stock...

NAFF GURPS 4th Ed Pack

GURPS 4th Ed Basic Set Campaigns
GURPS 4th Ed Basic Set Characters
GURPS 4th Ed Powers
RRP $210

NAFF GURPS 3rd Ed Pack

GURPS 3rd Ed Illuminati University $10
GURPS 3rd Ed Compendium 1
GURPS 3rd Ed Cyberpunk
GURPS 3rd Ed Fantasy Folk
GURPS 3rd Ed Ultra-tech
GURPS 3rd Ed Horror
BONUS - GURPS 3rd Ed Players handbook (Poor Condition)
BONUS – CAR WARS rulebook
RRP $150

NAFF AD&D 1st Ed Pack

AD&D 1st ed Player’s Handbook
AD&D 1st Ed Dungeon Master’s Guide
8 Modules: 
A1, I2,EX1, UK2, UK3,UK5, N2, U3


D&D Basic Rules 1 (Elmore Red Box)
B2 The keep on the borderlands
B4 The Lost City
Player Character Record Sheets
M1 Blizzard Pass Solo adventure (alas, used)
D&D Expert Rules 2 (Elmore Blue Box)
X1 The Isle of Dread
X5 Temple of Death
XSolo Lathans Gold
D&D Companion Rules (Elmore Cyan Box)
CM1 Test of the Warlords

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Name Artist
All is Full of Love Bjork
The Future SNOG
Ultraviolence / Dark Room Various
End of the World (Xilent Remix) Alex Metric & Charli XCX
Oxygene 8 Hani's Oxygene 303 Reprise Jean Michel Jarre
It's A Fine Day (Slow Techno Mix) Opus III
mr moon Headless Chickens
Disturbia Rihanna
Gush Forth My Tears Miranda Sex Garden
Innocente Delerium
we want your soul adam freeland
Dewy Fields Bel Canto
Tocatta Sky
Angel's Lament Love Lies Bleeding
Destroy Everything You Touch Ladytron
Piste 6 Kenji Kawai
Futile (Ghost Track) Velvet Acid Christ
End Titles from "Blade Runner" Vangelis
Melodie Yuki Kajiura
M05 Ghost City (Chant II)  Kenji Kawai
Girl's Night Out The Knife
What Else Is There Royksopp
Cocaine and Gin Death in Vegas
‹g“cŒZ’í [Yoshida Brother] - STORM ‹g“cŒZ’í [Yoshida Brother]
Gutter Glitter Switchblade Symphony
It's horrible.. I love it...what is it ? Various
Marble house The Knife
One Minute Warning Passengers
Juno Reactor - Navras  
Rhapsody Siouxsie and the Banshees
Storm Yoshida Brothers
Graphic Processing Unit Kyle Gabler
Jelly Kyle Gabler
Slut Velvet Acid Christ
Children (Dreams Version) Robert Miles
Sex Drive (Hard Drive Mix) Grace Jones
Nightmare - Brainbug Paul Oakenfold
Blue Bell Knoll Cocteau Twins
The Order of death Various
Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation) Rob Dougan
Evil Queen Various Artists
stigMata Various
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